Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Battery Saver By Terminal Emulator In Your Android

How to battery saver by Terminal Emulator

>>> Performance boost script by @dark_optimistic
>>> Zipalign at each Boot for higher performance
>>> Kernel Tweaks
>>> VM Tweaks
>>> PDB Profiler
>>> Multitasking, Balanced, Default Profiles for Profiler
>>> Battery Tweaks
>>> SQ lite database Optimiser Tweaks
>>> I/O Tweaks
>>> New CPU Governor Tweaks
>>> SD Carf R/W Speed Tweaks
>>> Strict Minfree Tweaks
>>> Adblocker
>>> ABS Booster
>>> Sysctl.conf Tweaks For Kernel
>>> No Normalised Sleeper Tweaks
>>> web Speed Tweaks
>>> Fstrim Engine
>>> permits Ditethering
>>> Improve video HW Decoder
>>> mainframe Boost Scripts
>>> Lag reduction
>>> sixty FPS Unlocker
>>> constitutional Junk Cleaner
>>> Media Server Killer
>>> quicker Boot Tweaks
>>> choice to Disable Boot Animation For a lot of quicker Boot
>>> Liquid smooth  UI
>>> Scrolling Speed Tweaks
>>> Flag Tuner by @DiamondBond
>>> Theme Engine For Terminal Menu (Thanks To @Paget96)
>>> In decision Speaker Quality Improvement Tweaks
>>> numerous Build.prop Tweaks
>>> will increase Performance & Battery Life Drastically
>>> Increase scores in Benchmark Tests upto its best
>>> RAM Boost Scripts by @dark_optimistic
>>> higher HD Graphics rendering
>>> sleek gambling performance
>>> No Launcher withdraws
>>> sleek & Lagfree Multitasking
>>> Enhances Graphics quality and pictures output
>>> a lot of Energy economical for long battery life
>>> Device inf

1. Tarminal Emulator apk download then Install it on your device
2. ABS Tweaks Zip Download according to your device

Tarminal Emulator

ABS Tweaks arm

ABS Tweaks x86

installed method
Turn off your device
Goto custom recovery
Press power +vol button
Install the ABS Tweaks zip any Custom Recovery (CWM, TWRP, Philz, COT, CTR)
Reboot device

Open Tarminal Emulator app
ABS Command Menu
Type:- "Su"
Then Enter

Type:- "ABS"
Then Enter 

For PDB Zone
Type:- "2"
Then Enter

For Battery  Saver
Type :-"10"
Then Enter 

For Booster
Type:- 2
Then Enter
Or Clean junk
Type:- "3"